The Panhellenic Union of Pharmaceutical Industry is proud to support as a gold sponsor the annual 21st Economist Government Roundtable, scheduled to take place in Athens, at the Grand Resort Lagonissi on June 28th – 29th.

Distinguished personalities and prominent leaders from Greece, Europe and around the world will join the conversation at the high profile event to brainstorm, debate and put forward proposals to successfully respond to the strong message for change, evident by recent political and economic developments, such as Brexit, the election of Donald Trump as the new US president, the rise of populism, the elections in France and Germany as well as the refugee crisis and security challenges in Europe.

On the one hand, leaders need to implement a strategy for closer economic and political integration in order to restore stability and confidence on both sides of the Atlantic. Will they succeed?

On the other hand, 2017 is also set to be crucial for Greece’s future as the country strives to stabilise its economy, maintain the momentum of the structural reforms and return to the path of competitiveness and growth. Moreover, the need for new investment to boost the economy and reduce unemployment is vital.
 Will Greece untangle its obstacles while Europe is unravelling?

Theodore Tryfon will take part in the conversation “A Closer Look at Europe’s Health-Care Systems: Significant Synergies and Partnerships for Greece”, scheduled for 28th June, at 12.00 pm.